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Our Inspiration is Our Family


Put the right whole foods and botanicals into your body and your body will thrive.  That’s our passion and our purpose.  We want you to do more than just live…THRIVE!

Nutrition can take a back seat to full schedules and life styles. Solis Nutritional Blends were born out of continuous trial and error to get a super nutritional product that tasted good, the kids would like and would fit in with busy lives. The great balance of the key ingredients found in our products build immunity, energy and overall good health.

Getting back to basics…in a modern way

Created out of a passion for nutrition and wellness, these products combine some of the best superfoods and botanicals into unique formulas from ancient South American tribal vitality rituals, Traditional Chinese wellness practices, and India’s Ayurvedic health system. The herbs and superfoods we have selected for our blends have been safely and effectively used for hundreds – sometimes thousands – of years.

Support immune health in rich, velvety Vanilla Chai taste!

When You Taste It, You FEEL It!

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Ancient Herbal Tonics for Whole-Body Health

Quality Ingredients Above All

Solis Nutritional Blends are designed to optimize your family’s health with exotic plant nutrition from diverse cultures around the world. But our legendary botanical ingredients are only as good as their sources. That’s why we take great care in selecting our ingredients – choosing raw, gluten-free, non-GMO and soy-free traditional herbs and superfoods only, responsibly farmed in their native regions. All of our ingredients undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they are safe, pure and free of microbiological organisms and contaminants.