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Dear Friend,

Thousands of years ago, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, a woman dug into rocky ground for a nutritious root that sustained her entire tribe. On the other side of the globe, a Traditional Chinese healer ventured into the wilderness to harvest exotic herbs that supported wellness in his tribe.

Today, our tribes are a little different—our family, our friends— but the mission is the same: We want to support our tribes with wholesome nutrition.

We want to help everybody stay happy and healthy.

As a holistic mom, I always tried to support my tribe with supplements. The problem? My family would never take them! Expensive bottles would go untouched until they expired, and would end up in the trash.

Plus, as I studied natural health, I learned many supplements contain allergens such as gluten and soy, along with genetically modified herbs, animal products and other questionable ingredients that didn’t quite fit our lifestyle.

That’s why I started Solis Nutritional Blends®.

I began making my own superfood and herb blends inspired by Ayurvedic principals and by ancient healers of South America and China who used turmeric, astragalus, milk thistle, yacon and many more. I made one blend for immune concerns and the other for vitality.

For friends and family I needed the best of everything, so I made my blends with premium raw, non-GMO and gluten-free plant- based ingredients.

We’re based in the Pacific Northwest, where it’s always cool and rainy. I thought I could encourage my family to take my blends by creating warm, comforting flavors like hot cocoa and vanilla chai. So I blended in extra nutrition with cacao, cinnamon, lucuma fruit, clove, black pepper and more.

These exotic blends turned it into a thick paste that dissolved into a nourishing supplement when stirred into hot water or milk.

My “tribe” couldn’t get enough. Even my kids loved it!

Today, Solis brings these same wholesome formulas to you in a base of creamy coconut oil powder, adding even more nutrition. Even better than that first paste, our new shelf-stable Solis powder supplements require no refrigeration. We take great pride in making family wellness easier without shortcuts or compromise – just authentic and honest plant-based nutrition of the ages.

I sincerely hope you’ll support your own tribe with Solis Nutritional Blends, and tap into the amazing herbal wellness secrets of the ancients!




Solis Nutritional Blends

Melanie Archuleta, Founder