Belly fat won’t go away?

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Belly fat won’t go away?

So you’ve tried everything to try and melt that stubborn belly fat away & your results are the same!  Have you tried a cleanse? A good cleanse can help your body reabsorb that persistent belly fat, fat that might be hanging on because of toxins. In our society we are constantly being bombarded by toxins in our environment and in our food and water.

Advertisements have a huge influence on what we consume and it’s not always with our best interest or health in mind.

To help fight toxins and start enjoying life, I have formulated three LIVE superfood & herbal blend alternatives! One example by using our Solis Superfood blends is that you can make your own Superfood Latte without the caffeine, sugar, fat, artificial preservatives etc… Oh, and did I mention that they are absolutely delicious! All three are a great source of antioxidants, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamins & soluble fiber. 100% ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN & RAW

Don’t forget to sweat! It helps to rid the body of unwanted toxins.What is your favorite way to work up a toxin chasing- sweat? Hot yoga, sauna at the gym? Late afternoon run? Or…?

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