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I love Solis Nutritional Blends, and the commitment to purity and natural products the company stands for. I received my Dream Immunity Vanilla Chai about a week ago, and it is delicious!! I had been thinking lately that I needed to supplement turmeric and milk thistle into my diet, so I was pleasantly surprised, and impressed when I found both ingredients in this chai blend! I am passionate about finding foods which contain no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives, which is why I wanted to try Solis.
Anita Leigh
I have been recovering from a serious infection. My energy levels have been dragging. I was cold this morning, decided to finally try this wonderful smelling product. OH my Goodness- I love this stuff. It is healthy, delicious, rich and energizing without that sugar let down two hours after ingesting. Seriously, it tastes like a rich spa chocolate except it is gently energizing without the sleepiness after!!
Susan Carnahan
I love this product! I add it to hot water and creamer (for the thickness). It’s such a perfect all day kind of pick-me-up! When I run out, I resort back to coffee 🙁 … I need to stock up on this product!
Angelica Hernandez
I love the Soils Dream Immunity Vanilla Chai! I have found it to be an effective supplement for combating the flu and cold season, and it also tastes great. I love whisking it into almond milk (it tastes like a healthy chai tea latte without all the sugar). I will definitely be purchasing this product again once I run out!
Alexis Franklin
This stuff is really delicious! Very versatile too, you can mix it in all kinds of stuff: Shakes, smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. I enjoy experimenting with it. And of course… full of good stuff.
David Cole